Welcome to the website of London based DJ / Vocalist / Producer - Dephonix

Dephonix has been a DJ for 19 years. She is based in London and plays mainly Soulful House & Breakbeat. She has been immersed in electronic music since childhood. Clubber for 25 years, Vocalist for 20 years, promoter, internet radio station owner, digital label manager & producer. With interests spanning many styles of music and a passion everything electronic Dephonix can be called on to deliver a set no matter what the genre. DnB, House - all elements, Hardcore, Jungle, Electro, Disco, Hip Hop, Hard House, Prog Trance, Dubstep, Breakbeat Hardcore, Garage, Breakz, Acid House/Rave, Hard Trance/Hard Dance.

At aged 4 Dephonix had a record player & an eclectic pile of records. A large serving of Hip Hop, Acid House, mainstream Pop & Rock dished up daily during her formative years had her hooked on dance music, and by her early teens Dephonix was going to nightclubs and listening to breakbeat hardcore.

Calling on influences from all genres of music Dephonix now devotes most of her time to producing, promoting and mixing Future Jungle Techno, House and Breaks. 2019 sees Dephonix continuing to work non-stop with studio time producing tracks, a steady flow of vocal work, label management, event promotion & DJ bookings.

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